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> DTSL Pro intelligent temperature and humidity meter automatic verification system

The intelligent temperature and humidity meter automatic verification system is a completely new automatic temperature and humidity meter photo identification verification system independently developed by Taian Dearto. The system is composed of the whole series of temperature and humidity verification chamber (DTSL series, DTLH series), precision dew point instrument, industrial camera, photo robot, database management software (automatic image recognition system) and automatic verification system. The system can realize automatic unattuned verification of temperature and humidity meter, support multi-point automatic temperature control, humidity control, temperature and humidity meter automatic positioning, automatic photography, automatic identification, automatic calculation, automatic determination, and can be used for automatic verification of mechanical temperature and humidity meter and digital temperature and humidity meter.

> Detu thermal calculator

Detu thermal calculator has the international commonly used thermodynamic unit conversion, thermal industry common types of industrial thermocouples, standard thermocouples, industrial thermal resistance, standard thermal resistance, thermistor sensor temperature and electrical signal bidirectional calculation, sensor coefficient derivation, and storage sensor parameters configuration management functions, but also includes temperature transmitter calculation and comprehensive humidity calculation functions. At the same time, support for heat transfer coefficient, thermal conductivity, heat transfer rate, power unit, pressure unit, length unit, area unit, speed unit, mechanical unit, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, diffusion coefficient, surface tension, energy unit module, input any unit value, you can convert other units.

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